Norris Bruce
Mar 17, 2020

Aimed To Help Banks Help Consumers

Today’s News Synopsis:

Mortgage Bankers Association working closely with policymakers.  Just because you are at home does not mean business has to stop, and Inman offers 7 good tips for continuing to build your business.  The National Apartment Association has also stepped up to give advice on how to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In The News:

Redfin “Stock Market Crash and Coronavirus Fears Flip Expectations for Home Prices in a Recession” (3-17-2020)

“Just 32% of homebuyers and sellers now expect home prices to increase during the next recession, down from 56% in December.”

Inman “7 impactful ways to build your business while staying home” (3-17-2020)

“Think of this slow time as a do-over rather than a disruption, and maximize it to set yourself up for future success.”

Forbes “National Apartment Association Issues Guidance To Stem The Spread Of Coronavirus” (3-17-2020)

“The National Apartment Association is implementing protocols for property owners and managers to follow in response to the spread of the coronavirus.”

Redfin “From Our CEO: Redfin & Coronavirus” (3-17-2020)

“To protect the health of our customers, agents and communities, we’re canceling open houses for all homes listed by Redfin’s brokerage, and limiting private in-person tours of all listings to two customers per tour. We’re still serving thousands of buyers and sellers each day, but with new rules and new technologies.”

HousingWire “MBA responds to growing coronavirus outbreak” (3-17-2020)

“In an email to members Monday evening, the Mortgage Bankers Association said it is taking steps to help members during the coronavirus outbreak.”


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