Agents, You’re Being Judged!

Today’s News Synopsis:

Does the car the real estate agent drives matter, and how much?  What features should you add to your home if you want to increase the chances of it selling by 30%?  Due to the decrease in mortgage rates, housing sentiment saw a huge increase in March.

In The News:

Forbes “What Is The Future Of The Estate Agency Business Model?” (4-8-2019)

“Sales channels, regulations, political climate, customers, economic conditions, technologies, competition and more.”

HousingWire – “Trump calls on Federal Reserve to lower interest rates” (4-8-2019)

“The Federal Reserve, which has increased interest rates numerous times in the last few years, recently signaled that it does not plan to increase interest rates any more for the remainder of this year.”

Inman “Does the car an agent drives to a listing appointment matter?” (4-8-2019)

“Agents agree perceptions matter. But opinions vary on how much clients judge agents based on the vehicles they drive.”

Redfin “How Should You Price Your Home?  If It’s in One of These Places, Consider Pricing Just Below or Just Above the -0,000 or 5,000 Mark” (4-8-2019)

“Pricing your home at $599,000 rather than $600,000 could help you sell it for more money—but only if you live in certain parts of the country.”

CNBC “Housing sentiment surges in March, and sellers are the most optimistic” (4-8-2019)

“Lower mortgage rates are likely behind a surge in housing sentiment, which could help rev up what started as a sluggish spring season.”

MarketWatch “These features could boost your home’s sale price by over 30%” (4-8-2019)

“If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to a home buyer’s wallet may be through the kitchen.” – “The 6 Worst Homes for First-Time Buyers” (4-8-2019)

“Deciding to buy your first home is a little scary. Looking for a home is anxiety-inducing. But actually making an offer? That’s a whole different level of panic.”

MarketWatch “Forget everything you’ve heard about first-time homebuyers.  They’re doing all right” (4-8-2019)

“How many first-time homebuyers are there in the housing market?  That’s an important question. A smaller share of first-timers suggests that the market may be too competitive or too expensive – and ultimately not very inclusive.”


California Real Estate Investor Events

Bruce Norris will be presenting his latest Real Estate Market Update with Tri-Counties Association of Realtors on Thursday, April 11.

Bruce Norris will be presenting 10 Decisions To Make Before The Next Downturn at the AOA Million Dollar Trade Show on Wednesday, April 17.

Aaron Norris will be presenting Innovating Real Estate Marketing with the Moreno Valley Professionals on Thursday, April 18.

Bruce Norris will be presenting 10 Decisions To Make Before The Next Downturn with Pasadena FIBI on Thursday, April 18.


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