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The New Solution
Mar 24, 2011

5%-10% home-price dip eyed for \’11
Jan 04, 2011

Government intervention is the driver of the real estate market now. That\’s bad because the government is preventing a \”natural\” market from solving the problems for itself. By intervening, the government creates false inventory levels and price support that experienced people are very suspicious of. The big players won\’t take

When will housing come back in California? Five experts offer their views
Jan 01, 2011

“We are in an artificial recovery,\” Norris said. \”It\’s government controlled and manipulated. We have extremely favorable interest rates that we really should not have, based on our debt. We have supported real estate with tax rebates, and we have prevented inventory from showing up by allowing people to be

New ways of viewing the housing meltdown
Sep 01, 2010

On a more pessimistic note, Norris threw cold water on real estate industry expectation that there is pent up demand from home buyers just waiting for the best time to jump into the market. Not only did the home buying fervor of a few years back steal home sales from

Professional investors move into flipping foreclosed homes
Aug 20, 2010

Competition at the auctions is brutal, said Bruce Norris of Norris Group, a real estate investment firm in Riverside.

Uncertain Times
Aug 19, 2010

Has worst of housing crisis passed?
Aug 01, 2010

But Norris warns that the county is little more than halfway through its problem with “Alt-A” adjustable mortgages, which targeted a more upscale clientele than the subprimes. Norris estimates that 44 percent of those loans will adjust in 2010 and beyond, totaling 17,500 loans, which could give rise to a

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