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Goldman Backs Mullen in Rentals After Subprime Short
Apr 22, 2013

Buying sprees by investment firms such as Mullen’s means they are often paying a premium, according to Bruce Norris, president of the Norris Group, a closely-held real estate investment firm in Riverside, California. Norris paid $131,000 for a nine-year-old five-bedroom house in October that he fixed and resold to Fundamental

Big-money funds buy foreclosures — to rent
Aug 30, 2012

The private equity funds have led some individual investors to quit or reinvent their business models, going after properties the big-money players aren\’t interested in, says Bruce Norris of The Norris Group, an investor, forecaster and hard money lender. \”We\’ve never had that size of investor coming to a market

I Survived Real Estate’ and Sharpie Parties
Aug 28, 2012

“From the qualified residential mortgage debate raging in Washington, D.C., to the use of eminent domain on mortgages, real estate professionals are operating in a market full of uncertainty,” said Bruce Norris, of The Norris Group, which will present “I Survived Real Estate 2012” on Friday, Oct. 19, at the

A better way to clear out bad mortgages
Oct 18, 2011

Bruce Norris, President of The Norris Group, a real estate investment company, said the banks’ procrastination accounts for delinquent homeowners staying in their houses for up to two years without making any mortgage payments and without being evicted. It is not unusual that at the end of their free say

Foreclosure activity soars in third quarter, ending lengthy lull
Oct 18, 2011

Bruce Norris, president of Norris Group, an investment company in Riverside that buys foreclosed homes, said the repossessions are \”unfortunately, unrealistically small\” when compared with what banks need to do to keep up with the number of homeowners falling behind on their mortgages. \”It is just going to take a

Housing crisis is not over
Oct 01, 2011

Us: Is it over yet in O.C. and/or SoCal? Bruce: No, unfortunately it isn’t over. There are many property owners delinquent by over 18 months who have yet to be foreclosed on. The amount of inventory in the MLS is misleading. It looks like a much healthier market than it

Choices, Risks Ahead If Feds Rent Out Foreclosures
Sep 08, 2011

Bruce Norris, a partner with Southern California property firm Norris Group, would like to see repossessed homes end up in the hands of investors. If Fannie and Freddie provided loans to these investors, he suggests, the lending agreements could specify that properties be maintained as rentals.

Lending can lift investors\’ returns
Aug 30, 2011

He said he chose to invest through The Norris Group, a real estate investment firm in Riverside, because he was impressed by its track record and how it screens properties and borrowers. He said he started small, with an investment of under $60,000. Now he said he has $400,000 invested

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