Gary Watts with Impact Real Estate #9

Bruce interviews Orange County economist Gary Watts and talks about how Gary got into Orange County real estate forecasting and some of the key indices they disagree on while predicting the market. Gary is currently projecting a positive outlook for Orange County.

Gary Watts has long been recognized as a forecasting expert by the real estate industry. His long-term analysis has also drawn the attention of the media due to his consistent accuracy. His Economic Outlook has been spotlighted in regional newspapers, including the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. He has been seen on the PBS TV program Real Orange, he has been heard on the radio at KNX Money Talk and was featured in Fortune magazine. He holds a degree in economics with advanced studies in psychology from California State University at Sacramento. Gary’s economic forecast and lecture notes are among the information pieces most widely circulated by real estate agents in Orange County. Gary’s last speaking season drew over 17,000 real estate agents. His talks are also available in DVD and an English or Spanish CD format.

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