California hard money loans and private money lending with Craig Hill#4

Bruce speaks with Craig Hill about the hard money loan business, how they met, how they work together, and what Craig brings to the table as a money partner. The Norris Group only loans in California so The Norris Group offers local insights and prides itself on a very good track record. (Note: The Norris Group now offers Florida hard money loans as of 2018!)

In 1984, Craig took his first job in the lending industry working for Vanguard Mortgage as a loan officer and loan manager. While employed there, he met and began funding REO purchases with Bruce Norris. When Bruce officially started the Norris Group in 1997, Craig came aboard as both loan officer and investment manager and never looked back. Since that time, they have arranged over millions worth of investor loans every month to real estate investors doing fix and flips and new construction projects.

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