Donna Bauer #35

Bruce Norris is joined once again by Donna Bauer, The NoteBuyer™. Donna and Bruce discuss California law and note buying, short sales, restructuring debt, seller carry back and why you should be VERY careful about seconds. Donna also shares one of her favorite success stories.

Donna Bauer, nationally known as The NoteBuyer™, began buying discounted notes twenty years ago while raising four small boys. She needed a way to support her family financially that still allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom. Donna was elated to make more than $5,000 on her very first deal. It seemed like all the money in the world compared to the dollar an hour she earned babysitting.

Today, Donna is the nation’s most recognized authority on note buying, short sales, and the booming pre-foreclosure market. Donna’s exclusive strategies have produced stunning results for thousands of investors regardless of economic conditions. She is founder and president of The NoteBuyer, Inc., which invests in notes and pre-foreclosures throughout the country and offers investors a wide range of educational resources.

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