Mike Ferry #32

Bruce interviews one of the nation’s leading real estate agent trainers, Mike Ferry with the Mike Ferry Organization. The two discuss how Realtors have been caught off guard by the market change, how buyers have changed, how this downturn differs from the past, and how he was one of the first to warn Realtors this market was coming. Mike also shares why some of his clients are some of the most successful in the business. They’re business is actually getting busier now that the market has shifted.

Mike Ferry is the founder of the Mike Ferry Organization, North America’s leading Real Estate coaching and training organization. Mike has been involved in sales and management for more than forty years. During that time he has built an unmatched reputation for success on a foundation of hard work, dedication to his personal goals and 100% commitment to his customers.

Mike began his career with Nightingale-Conant where he was quickly promoted to the position of National Training Director responsible for the sales activities of 1,300 people. He then made the decision to move into the residential Real Estate field as a sales person. After a career of selling homes and earning the honor of being one of the top agents in the state, Mike decided the time was right to launch his own company. Four decades later, The Mike Ferry Organization is a $50,000,000 company with tens of thousands of clients.

Mike’s phenomenal natural ability to train and teach his unique techniques has helped hundreds of thousands of agents achieve and exceed their business and personal goals. The way he inspires all agents at all levels to produce at high levels and apply the rules of business to their Real Estate careers is legendary.

Mike has been repeatedly recognized by the National Association of Realtors® as one of the most influential people in the entire Real Estate profession, along with the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, Alan Greenspan and Henry Silverman.

As the foremost expert on Real Estate sales techniques, training and motivation, Mike and his company lead dozens of seminars and retreats every year. Real Estate agents, mortgage professionals, title representatives and business executives have increased their production and profit because of the skills and mindset they learned through Mike Ferry. According to Mike, “The business is great because the results agents get from working with us are exceptional. Agents want to know how to sell more homes in less time and that is exactly what we teach them.”

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