Quality of Life Is As Important As Quality Of The Construction

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20 things to consider beyond the inspection.  A big problem in America now is not enough housing is being built.  However, on a positive note, this was how 2018 ended with commercial/multifamily borrowing increasing 14%.

In The News:

Mortgage Bankers Association “2018 Ends on a High Note with a 14 Percent Rise in Commercial/Multifamily Borrowing” (2-11-2019)

“A strong final three months of the year helped commercial and multifamily mortgage originations increase by three percent in 2018, according to preliminary estimates from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Quarterly Survey of Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Bankers Originations, released here today at the 2019 Commercial Real Estate Finance/Multifamily Housing Convention & Expo.”

Forbes – “Growth In Life Sciences Innovation Triggers Demand For Real Estate Clusters” (2-11-2019)

“The life sciences industry is taking off, with the medical technology and biotech sectors expected to grow further as traditional pharmaceutical companies are joined by startups and incubator labs driving new research and development.”

Realtor.com “Revealed!  These Are America’s Most Unaffordable Housing Markets” (2-11-2019)

“In the words of President Donald Trump, the nation’s economy is booming.  After clawing our way out of a terrible recession, Americans are finally working and getting raises again. But please, hold the applause.”

HousingWire – “Renters are renewing their leases more than ever before” (2-11-2019)

“Despite rents continuing to rise throughout much of 2018, renters are choosing to remain in the same apartment more than they ever have before,
even if their rent goes up.”

Inman – “Yelp hides reviews pages for Opendoor, Offerpad” (2-11-2019)

“The mega reviews website still maintains the reviews but makes them harder for consumers to discover, while traditional brokerages have fully public Yelp reviews.”

Southern Living – “The Real Way McDonald’s Makes Their Money Might Surprise You” (2-11-2019)

“When you go to McDonald’s you know you’re going to get great fries and milkshakes, Happy Meals with a prize inside to keep the kids smiling, and enough food to hold you over to your next home-cooked meal—all for just a few bucks.

Bloomberg – “America Isn’t Building Enough New Housing” (2-11-2019)

“If you’re looking for good news in the housing market, there’s this: Prices aren’t likely to crash the way they did in the historic bust of 2006-09.”

Houzz – “Home-Buying Checklist: 20 Things to Consider Beyond the Inspection” (2-11-2019)

“f you are in the market for a house, you’ll likely want to make sure you have a roof that won’t leak, a solid foundation, proper wiring and so on.”

Hard Money Loan Closed

Torrance, California hard money loan closed. Real estate investor received loan for $575,000 on this single family property appraised for $859,000.

Torrance Hard Money Loan


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