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The Norris Group Real Estate InvestingThe Norris Group has been part of the California real estate investor community for over 20 years. We provide award-winning investor resources as well as private money lending specifically built for flippers, landlords, and builders. We look forward to funding your next real estate investment deal or providing you with valuable insights into California’s ever-changing real estate market. Never miss our weekly news videos, our weekly award-winning radio show, or when we speak in your local area.

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Dec 11, 2019
Critics Say It Will Cloud America’s Property Market

Today’s News Synopsis: The rise in iBuying is gaining steam.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported mortgage applications increased 3.8% from last week in their latest survey.  Overall delinquency rates for September were their lowest in 20 years at 3.8%. In The News: National Association of Realtors – “Expect Continued Economic Growth,

Dec 10, 2019
I Hope Your City Didn’t Get An F On Your Report Card

Today’s News Synopsis: How well was each city and county in California graded?  What new tech trends should we be keeping an eye out for next year?  6 economists made their predictions of what they see happening in the housing market next year. In The News: Press Enterprise – “Rent control

Dec 09, 2019
Talk About A Rollercoaster Ride!

Today’s News Synopsis: A look back at the highs and lows of the past decade.  Homeowners are taking out the most cast in twelve years, leading to an increase in refinancing.  Which states have the longest time period for a foreclosure? In The News: Zillow – “Zillow Begins Buying and Selling

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