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The Norris Group specializes in California-specific training for real estate investors. Bruce Norris has taken his 30+ years of real estate experience, his California market timing expertise, and his love of teaching to create the most unique and comprehensive California real estate training available.

The Norris Group is also one of the only real estate trainers who funds wholesale deals through our California hard money loans program. Our education helps you stay in the know so we can work together doing deals. See why we're one of California's premier, award-winning real estate trainers.

Your Real Estate Training Partner

With The Norris Group as your training partner, you can feel confident you are on top of your game. Our training is built for you, the California investor.

2% Interest Rates, $40 trillion In Debt, and Other Surprise Endings 


Course Format: 250 page color manual with 400+ charts
Video/Audio: Digital access, no downloads, internet connection required
Release Date: February 2017, covers 2017-2027

This is the latest timing report by Bruce Norris which explores the next 10 years in California real estate. Why did Bruce sell the majority of his California holdings? Is he scared about what's ahead for California real estate? Is a crash inevitable?

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Real Estate Subsciption 

The Norris Group Real Estate Investor Premium Subscription

Course Format: All digital
Course Audio: Digital, internet connection required
Course Manual: None. Content can be read, heard, or seen when available.

Take our 30+ years of California investor experience, layer in our California marketing timing expertise and research, and allow us to build a custom blueprint based on your personality that not only tells you the best strategies to use in the current market but also the best strategies for you personally. That is what our TNG VIP Subscription is all about!

We've taken our body of California-specific investor education and have placed in online. You can now enjoy over 50+ hours (and growing) investor library with a computer, tablet and/or mobile device and an Internet connection. You don't even need to download anything!

The online format allows us to continually add content, tweak and update existing content and even change our programming based on what our network wants to learn. Subscription includes all the updates, TNG Economic Update, and premium discounts to places like Staples,, and LampsPlus. Use the discounts alone a few times a year and quickly pay for your annual subscription!

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3-Day in-the-trenches intensive for real estate investors 

Course Format: Live Event
Course Manual: Included
Additional Resources Forms, checklists, call scripts, formulas, and more

The Norris Group's California Distressed Property Boot Camp is a three-day intensive that takes place inside the office of The Norris Group in Riverside, CA. At this three-day intensive, Bruce Norris personally teaches you what The Norris Group and our successful investors do on a daily basis to buy and sell real estate in the current California real estate market.

We don't currently have a boot camp planned for 2017. Call for questions and to be placed on the interest list. Call 951-780-5856.

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