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Over the past few decades, The Norris Group has been there to guide and educate investors and real estate professionals to a profitable financial picture despite incredible fluctuations and transformations within the California real estate landscape.

In January 2006, founder Bruce Norris accurately predicted in his extensive report, The California Crash, that the white-hot housing bubble was about to burst, saving informed investors much financial pain. Bruce's first report released in 1997, The California Comeback, told investors California would see tremendous gains and that it was time to get serious about California real estate once again.

Timing is everything. The Norris Group not only focuses on the "how to," but also the "when to," which is increasingly more important. 

Award-Winning Real Estate Investment Education

Here at The Norris Group, we have trained countless investors in the proper ways to invest.  The unique combination of Bruce's cutting-edge experience in the California real estate market and his extensive market timing research has allowed The Norris Group to create the most innovative and comprehensive California-specific real estate investor training available. We help our network focus on the most profitable and appropriate real estate investing strategies depending on where California is at in its market cycle.  

Get to know The Norris Group by listening to our award winning radio show and podcast or watching our industry-leading, annual event, "I Survived Real Estate." The Norris Group provides more free educational content and resources than any other California investor resource.

California Hard Money Lending and Trust Deed Investing

The Norris Group's private money loan/rehab hard-money program was created to meet the unique needs of the California real estate investor. By sharing with you our secrets to California real estate investing, we strive to create capable and independent wholesale real estate investors who become successful, long-term business clients. We've funded over $250 million since 1997. We now offer non-recourse, hard money loans for those seeking to leverage their self-directed IRA and retirement accounts.

For those too busy to pursue a full-time career in real estate investing, The Norris Group's trust deed investments are a great way to create a passive, secured, and high-yield return on your money. Our professional trust deed investment team has over 100 years of combined experience. What is trust deed investing? See our free ebook and videos today

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