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Home Prices Expected to Increase by 5.5% by 2017

March 2nd, 2016

Today’s News Synopsis: Despite a recent slowdown due to new TRID rules, existing-home sales are making a comeback and expected to be between 5.23 and 5.58 million this year.  Speaking of homes, home prices are expected to increase by 5.5% by 2017.  In a big story, the job market in

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The Norris Group Predicts a Significant Resurgence of California’s Real Estate Market

July 8th, 2013

Bruce Norris Predicts a Significant Resurgence of California’s Real Estate Market, Soon To Be Fueled By Job Growth, Inbound Migration and Economic Recovery

Encouraging Words For 2013

December 31st, 2012

Wow… 2012 was great. This month’s deals are flying around my friends and team like crazy! It’s very exciting to once again see the exhilaration in their eyes and hear it in their voices. I expect 2013 to be a continuation of 2012 as we maintain relationships with trustworthy investors

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Mike Cantu Presents 2013 and Beyond

December 20th, 2012

What is it that you’re out to accomplish? That’s the big question. Exactly, what is it? Equity, cash flow, a pile of cash? Get specific. How much and when? It’s all attainable under the great umbrella of real estate. Spend time thinking it through. This is your future. Set aside

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The iPad as an Investing Tool

December 19th, 2012

Hi, this is Kyle and Kenny from In A Day Development. We’ve been cash flow investors, primarily focusing on rental real estate and notes, for about four years, so you could call us newbies. However, we’ve had our fingers on the pulse of technology since we could operate a keyboard.

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5 Tax Savvy Holiday Ideas for 2012

December 18th, 2012

Hopefully you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season. With the tree lit-up and the fireplace going, Uncle Sam may be the last thing on your mind. Of course for the team here at Keystone CPA, Inc., we never give up an opportunity to save taxes…even during the holiday season! With the

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California Forecast 2013: More of the same save the black swan by Sean O’Toole

December 12th, 2012

In 2012, we saw the continuation of a housing recovery in California, with solid sales volumes and price increases throughout much of the state.  More importantly, short sales, loan modifications, price increases and even foreclosures helped many get our of being underwater on their homes.  Many would say this recovery

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Real Estate Analyst Predicts A 20 Percent Increase In Median Home Prices In California During The Next Year

December 10th, 2012

The increase is being fueled by record low inventory levels, record low interest rates and eager buyers armed with FHA loans, according to Bruce Norris of The Norris Group in Riverside

Using the Auction Method as an Alternative to Selling Houses

October 30th, 2012

Randy Grigg Elite Auctions (Full Bio)   Connect with Randy & Mike Grigg     Or Selling by auction has several advantages over other methods if the process is done right. Elite Auctions recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary of selling our own fixed-up houses, and assisting other flippers to sell their inventory.  As President, I can tell you

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Six Steps To Consistently Winning The Real Estate Game In Any Economy by Tony Alvarez

September 27th, 2012

Tony Alvarez Investor and REO Mentor (Full Bio)   Connect with Tony Alvarez    Or Just as the Law of Cause and Effect is a natural law which can never be broken, never before have the basic fundamentals of playing the real estate game been so vitally important to your success.  Here are six fundamental steps that

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