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Mortgage Rates See Huge Increase for First Time in 2 Months

September 12th, 2016

Today’s News Synopsis: Two leaders spoke out their opposing views on raising interest rates with Jamie Dimon being for it and Lael Brainard against it.  Mortgage rates saw a big increase this past weekend for the first time in two months with 30-year rates at 3.5%.  A recent survey by

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New Report on Dodd-Frank Act Released Four Years After Its Inception

July 21st, 2014

  Today’s News Synopsis: A new report was released by Congressional Republicans regarding the status of the Dodd-Frank Act, four years after its inception.  Ellie Mae said they will be moving their headquarters to Pleasonton, California due to their workforce continuing to grow and them experiencing strong growth.  The latest report from

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The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 4/13/11

April 13th, 2011

MDA DataQuick reports 19,412 houses and condos sold in Southern California last month. Freddie Mac believes home sales will rise 5% in 2011. President Barack Obama revealed the White House’s deficit reduction plan, which aims to reduce the nation’s deficit by $4 trillion in 12 years. Home Depot sales show Americans are doing more home improvement.

The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 8/9/10

August 9th, 2010

The percentage of American single-family homes with mortgages in negative equity decreased by 1.8% from the first to second quarter. Freddie Mac is requesting $1.8 billion in federal aid after a $6 billion loss in the second quarter. Freddie Mac’s single-family inventory rose by 84.2% and its multifamily inventory doubled from last year. PIMCO fears the U.S. may be entering a period of deflation, and JPMorgan Chase expressed concerns that our financial system may crash in 2015.