’s Lastest List Shows Best Cities for Morning and Night People

Today’s News Synopsis:’s latest list showed the best cities to live depending on whether you are a morning or night person.  There are specific home decor items that homeowners like to share the most about on Instagram, and can tell you where to find them.  Coastal areas along the United States are becoming more popular destinations to build new developments.

In The News:

Los Angeles Times – “New real estate developments abound up and down the coast, but challenges persist” (6-10-2017)

“Few residential properties are as desirable as Southland surf and turf, or as difficult to develop.  In the ocean-hugging communities stretching from Malibu to Dana Point, builders face intense demand for limited space, resistance from regulators and residents, and logistical and environmental challenges.” – “Early Birds and Night Owls: We’ve Found the Best U.S. Cities for You” (6-12-2017)

“People might like to pretend that we’re all the same under the skin, but in fact, there are no shortage of great and seemingly intractable divides of human society.”

Bloomberg – “These Cities Have Too Many Stores, and They’re Still Building” (6-12-2017)

“What were they thinking in Cleveland?  Real estate developers built more than 21 million square feet of new store space in the Northeast Ohio metropolitan area from 2000 through the first three months of this year, increasing its retail footprint by 21 percent.”

Business Insider – “Tour the little-known California ‘micro-hood’ that’s suddenly the hottest housing market in America” (6-12-2017)

“Bushrod, Oakland, a small enclave across the Bay from San Francisco, was named the hottest neighborhood of 2017 by real estate site Redfin.”

DS News – “ValuAmerica Expands Footprint With California Acquisition of ValuEscrow” (6-12-2017)

“ValuAmerica of Clayton Holdings LLC, and national provider of appraisal, title, closing and settlement services, announced that it has acquired ValuEscrow, Inc., an independent escrow company located in Santa Ana, California, expanding its closing and escrow operations.” “Bargain Home Decor Items Instagram Influencers Love – and Where to Find Them” (6-12-2017)

“Sure, interior designers and design-obsessed influencers think expensive custom sofas and vintage midcentury furniture are totally worth it; but they also love finding a bargain as much as the rest of us.”

Bloomberg “In Detroit, Anyone Can Be a Real Estate Developer” (6-12-2017)

“An urban revival has to start somewhere, and in the case of Detroit, that place has been downtown.  Coming out of the Great Recession, a handful of real estate developers invested heavily in a bid to lure corporate employers—and, more recently, business travelers and condo buyers—back to the center of the city.”


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