Could We Begin To See An Increase in Commercial Real Estate on Wheels?

Today’s News Synopsis:

Could we be seeing an increase in commercial real estate on wheels with the increase in mobile retail stores?  Black Knight Financial Service’s latest data showed a 16% decrease in the number of underwater borrowers.’s latest list showed the best places to live if you want to live by a lake.

In The News:

Tech Crunch “With autonomy, commercial real-estate could go mobile” (7-10-2017)

“The coming years could see the next great land rush across the US and many other countries worldwide, but it might not even involve land.”

Bloomberg – “The Big Downgrade That Fueled the Subprime Crash” (7-10-2017)

“A growing number of investors like Eisman had been betting on a crash as overdue home loans rose. But up to that point, much of the world was still putting its faith in the safe-as-Treasuries ratings that had been awarded to the bonds, which helped bankroll $445 billion of risky mortgages in 2006 alone.”

Black Knight Financial Services – “Black Knight’s May Mortgage Monitor: Underwater Borrower Population Below Two Million for First Time Since 2006”

“Today, the Data and Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE: BKFS) released its latest Mortgage Monitor Report, based on data as of the end of May 2017.”

Bloomberg – “CFPB Issues Rule Making It Easier for Consumers to Sue Banks” (7-10-2017)

“The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is making it easier for customers to sue banks, a move sure to rile Wall Street and congressional Republicans.”

Mercury News – “Bay Area real estate: One square foot is worth a month’s rent” (7-10-2017)

“Oh, the pain, the pain — and the cost, the cost — of renting a Bay Area apartment.  A luxury condo sold last month in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood for $4.35 million.” – “Ready, Set, Splash: The Top 10 Lake Towns in America” (7-10-2017)

“Are you an ocean person or a lake person? During most of the year, this would qualify as little more than idle chit-chat, but not in the most ferocious dog days of summer.”

Bloomberg “Hedge-Fund Manager Crispin Odey Says It’s Now More Likely the Market Will Crash” (7-10-2017)

“Crispin Odey, who made money for a second straight month by sticking to bearish equity bets, said the chance of a market crash is rising as growth slows and the Federal Reserve normalizes interest rates.”


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