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"The training that I received from TNG is priceless......where do i start.......I learned about the REO world, agent relationship building, how to look like a pro and not a shmo.....repair estimating, the online aspects of Real Estate...but mostly, how to appraise and evaluate a deal. I feel very knowledgeable in my chosen market. People always complain about hard money costs, but for me, it is part of my education.To have my work verified and funded by the best RE company in California,TNG is awesome. I get better and better at what I do each deal. And confidence breeds success in this business. I am easily paying for my hard money costs by buying right and I'm supported by honest, hardworking people who truly want me to do well. Just the referrals alone from TNG for RE support companies (escrow, insurance, etc.) have saved me many thousands of dollars. My call is always received as if I am their #1 client. There may come a day when I have so much cash that I can fund all my own purchases, but until that day, I am backed by millions of dollars and a company that I can believe in.That gives me the confidence to make as many offers as possible without fear of not being able to fund. Thanks for changing my life. I love you all." - Peter Apostolos, Los Angeles

"Twenty-one of the twenty-five properties I bought this year were originated using the strategies, philosophies and materials found in the California “Only” Training Series.  Each of them was obtained at a price that provided profits after expenses while timing a flat or declining market.  Bruce’s conclusions are thoroughly researched and the logic applied is straightforward.  When a person is absolutely committed to his/her investing success, I believe his highest payoff task is to master the strategies taught in those 4 courses." –Nicholas Manfredi, Founder & CEO Inland Empire Investors Forum, www.IEinvestorsForum.com

“I have been to (or have hosted) Bruce Norris events several times.  He is one of my favorite people to listen to simply because of the wealth of knowledge he has gained based on a lifetime of experience as a Real Estate investor. Bruce has worked hard in developing useful strategies for purchasing property profitably based on market timing.  He is a clear and effective teacher." – Stuart Baeriswyl (Executive Director, San Jose Real Estate Investors Association)

"I have been a long time student of Bruce Norris. Bruce has the ability to raise the level of education of the California investor making it easier for ME to do business without taking MY time to teach them. Bruce's topics are clear, timely, and relevant to the California investor." - Shawn Watkins (Executive Director, Investors Workshops)

"You are the only person that I will pay to take a seminar.  I love hearing you speak and I value what you are saying because I feel you are a real person and very genuine.  That is something you can’t manufacture." - Anonymous

"A few years back you did a seminar about making $1,000,000 in 18 months. Up until that time I was buying, fixing, and selling most of my inventory. After that seminar, we held all that we could afford to keep. After that seminar, we kept 19 properties as rentals. Over the past six months, we have sold seven of those properties. I'm selling two more properties in the next five months. We're going to keep the last ten properties. Seven of the ten keepers will be free and clear in the next five months. We made way more than $1,000,000 just on the seven properties that we sold. We wouldn't have made that money without your seminar. Thanks, Bruce. You're the best." - Rick Solis

“Having attended over 50 seminars in a number of industries, I can say that The Norris Group puts on a first class event.  Some of the seminars I have attended include Microsoft, Intel, and other Fortune 500 companies.  The Norris Group’s is equal to or better than those.” – Anonymous

"Bruce is truly a class act.  Professional in every aspect."  - John Johnson

"We took $78,000 from our house in San Diego in 2002 and purchased 4 fourplexes in San Bernardino. In 2003, we were introduced to Bruce's California Countdown and he provided us with the knowledge to protect our appreciation. After protecting the appreciation in Texas with SFR, we will be returning to California ready as a 'savvy investors' with $4,000,000." - Dail and Susie Kyle

"Bruce works harder to earn my money than any other speaker I know." - Rene Caro

"Your written materials are unparalleled, as are your insights." - Ken Kossoff

"The Norris Group always goes above and beyond in its seminar, from the materials, to the food, to the content. It is apparent that you all truly care about and value your customers. I have followed Bruce for about 2 1/2 years and as a result have made a lot of money as an investor. Last year we moved our investments from California to Oregon just as prices started to take off in OR and stagnate in California. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Anonymous

"Bruce is THE teacher if you're going to be in our business in California." - Steve Love

"I've looked for an expert in my own yard here in California and found you. A lot of other gurus that teach are from other parts of the country and teach principles that don't take California's unique market into account. I am so glad to have found your organization and have become a client/student of yours." - Peter Fiala

"Since taking your course, I have closed over 22 deals in four months, and I am pocketing over $350,000. I just wanted to say 'thank you' and your system truly does work!"- Charles Harris

"Yes, the Bruce Norris Buying System has made me a lot of money and made my business grow. It has opened a door of possibilities that I only dreamed of before." -Reginald Lal

"These seminars are beyond anything that I could even have hoped for.  If I learn nothing from these courses (as if that was even possible), I feel that I have gained from my association with Bruce Norris and his wonderful support staff.  Thank you to all."

"The best seminar series I have been to in any industry!!!"

"If investors want good deals coming their way, I would recommend that they take the California “Only” Series.  They won’t regret it."

"The Norris Group seminars provide very clear and concise information specializing in the California marketplace with surgical precision, and upholding an extremely ethical level of professionalism.  Exceptional job, folks!"

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